Valentine's Day



3-Courses  $65 per person

First Course

Salad of Citrus and Wild Greens
   with celery and avocado
Dungeness Crab Bisque
with country ham biscuit
Savory Dutch Baby
  with leek, gruyere, and wild mushrooms
Warm Mussel and Smoked Potato Salad
with Fresno chili sauce

Second Course

Roasted Monkfish
   with pea sprouts and beet-wasabi sauce
Bone-in Short Rib Braised with Lemon Grass and Lime Leaf
   with burdock ribbons, black rice, and daikon
5-spices Crisped Duck
  with huckleberry sauce, parsnip and red cabbage
Spring Nettle Ravioli
   with black trumpets and white truffle butter

Dessert Thali for Two

accompanied by 4 small sweets
each two guests choose one ice cream:

chocolate malt sundae
rose geranium ice cream with apricots
chili peanut ice cream with masala popcorn

concord grape sorbet
and one dessert
butterscotch baklava with coffee custard sauce and candied orange
upside down grapefruit meringue tart with candied fennel
hot date cake with banana ice cream, buttered pecans, and butterscotch

Menu subject to change