Spice Crispies  4
Eggplant Fries with sea salt and buckwheat honey  9
Poppy Chickpea Salad  7
Three Spreads with naan  9
Green Goddess Salad with local roots lettuce and our herbs  12
Berry, Fresh Currant, Hazelnut, and Sorrel Salad  13
Tomato Salad with cucumber ice and smoked tomato vinaigrette  13
Smoked Alaska Herring with fennel, radish and charred-scallion salad, and radish-green salsa verde  13
*Half-Shell Shigoku Oysters with juniper ice (4)  12
Gorgonzola and Fig Toast with bacon and thyme honey  13
Yarmuth Chevre Stuffed Squash Blossoms with red pepper hazelnut sauce  12
Grilled Octopus Salad with fennel, olive, mint, crispy cauliflower, and pickled chilies  15
Smoked Thai Pork Sausage with grilled escarole, shiso, mint, peanuts, and apricot sauce  14
NW Farmstead Cheeses with olive oil thyme crackers and blackberry  14
Nigella-Poppy Naan  1.50