Quileute Coho Salmon with Chanterelles, Pumpkin Seed Pesto, and Sorrel  29
tomato, sage, and strawberry soup
arugula and fennel salad with hazelnuts and currants
snap peas with peppermint
smashed potatoes with lovage cream
fennel and anise hyssop pickle
nigella-poppy naan

Lavender Duck Leg with Plum Fennel Seed Sauce, and Grilled Escarole28
beet soup with duqqa
cherry tomato melon salad
zucchini with cornbread crumbs and chili mayo
black-eyed peas with corn and savory
cucumber and lemon basil pickle
nigella-poppy naan

Grilled Painted Hills Coulotte Steak with Black Bean, Peppers, Corn, and Purslane  32
smoked eggplant and lentil soup with coconut yogurt
jalapeno hush puppy
green beans with sesame
turnip green and pineapple kimchi
turmeric and tomatoes
nigella-poppy naan

Beet Terrine with Sunflower Seed Risotto  28
chilled corn shiso soup
cherry tomato melon salad
turnips with miso butter and horseradish
green beans with sesame
carrot ginger pickle
nigella-poppy naan