Restaurant Week Menu 
October 21 - November 8
Sundays through Thursdays
3 courses for $33

First Course 
Dosa (fermented lentil crepe) with curry leaf avocado and red pepper cashew spreads
Oil - Poached Albacore on Fried Green Tomatoes with remoulade sauce
Pimenton Lamb Sausage with plum compote and radicchio
Persimmon, Pomegranate and Fennel Salad with chevre, marcona almonds, and mint

Second Course
Spice Braised Salmon Creek Pork Shoulder
with ruby quince and parsnip ribbons
Mad Hatcher Chicken in Pumpkin Seed Sauce with heirloom squash cornbread
Rockfish, Mussels, and Purple Potatoes in miso broth with huacatay and scallion sauce
Eggplant Panise (chickpea cake) and Chanterelle Thali

Chocolate Baklava with coffee custard sauce and candied orange
Bay Leaf Panna Cotta with ruby quince, candied walnuts, and ginger
Almond and Sage Cake with caramelized pears and burnt honey bourbon ice cream
Chocolate Malt Sundae
Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream with blueberries
Concord Grape and Rosemary Sorbet