Mother's Day

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3-Courses  $44 per person

First Course

Roasted Asparagus with Buratta
   garlic breadcrumbs and sage
Warm Mussel and Smoked Potato Salad
with fresno chili sauce and crisp chickpeas
Savory Dutch Baby
with Yarmuth goat cheese, pea vines, and soft boiled farm egg

Second Course

Green-Roasted Salish Sea Halibut
with spring herb sauce and pea sprouts
Coriander-Lavender Duck Breast
   with olive, currant and honey vinaigrette, rapini, and buckwheat groat cakes
Mad Hatcher Chicken with Rhubarb Sauce
lemon balm, spring onions, and corona beans
Nettle and Lovage Ravioli
   with maitake mushrooms

Dessert Thali for Two

accompanied by 4 small sweets
each two guests choose one ice cream:

chocolate malt sundae
chili peanut ice cream with masala popcorn

mango and ras el hanout sorbet
and one dessert
strawberry panna cotta with rhubarb compote and sesame crumble
anise hyssop pavlova with berries and graham cracker crust
hot date cake with banana ice cream, pecans, and butterscotch
chocolate baklava with coffee custard sauce and candied orange

Menu subject to change