Today's Thali  29

paneer with chanterelles, sungolds, and chickpeas or
mussel and rockfish stew with lovage and peppers
and all of the following:
peach raita
coconut and curry leaf beet soup
zucchini with toum, savory, and amaranth
strawberry, Walla Walla, and radish salad
black eyed peas with smoked tahini yogurt
cauliflower corn fritter with pumpkin seeds
green rice pilaf with parsley and coriander
pickled purple daikon
nigella naan

Quileute Coho Salmon 32
fennel pinot noir sauce, lobster mushrooms, bacon, black lentils, and fennel

Pimenton Lamb Sausage and Potato Hominy Cake   23
with radicchio, peaches, sorrel, and lemon basil

Coriander Lavender Duck Breast   29
with blackberry sauce, escarole, and pickled blackberries

Mad Hatcher Chicken with Pasilla Pepper Sauce   24
with corn bread, torpedo onion, and corona beans

nigella poppy seed naan  2




20% Service Charge
100% of these funds are retained by the house and distributed to the front and back of house in the form of commission, wages, and benefits