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Small Plates

Spice Crispies  4
Poppy Chickpea Salad  7
Eggplant Fries with sea salt and buckwheat honey  10
*Half-Shell Shigoku Oysters with juniper ice (4)   13
Dutch Baby with soft boiled egg, curry leaf avocado, and crispy shallots 14
Fig and Glacier Blue Tart with rye crust, caramelized onion, and sage 7/14
Eggplant Coconut Panisse  with harissa aioli and olives 13
Pear, Radicchio, and Burrata Salad with apple, pomegranate, and Marcona almonds 14
Warm Sunchoke and Fried Mussel Salad with with black garlic sauce 15
NW Farmstead Cheeses with olive oil rosemary crackers, apricot chutney, and currants  14
Dosa with beet sesame, smoky eggplant raita, and red pepper cashew spread  14

Today's Thali  30
A tray of 10 complimentary dishes intended as a main course for one

Fresh Paneer with Maitake Mushrooms, Leeks, and Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette or
Doubanjiang Braised Pork Shoulder with Pickled Cucumber,
and all of the following:
apple raita
carrot and coconut soup
cabbage and almond fritter with parmesan aioli
radicchio, satsuma, celery, and dill salad
mashed chickpeas with parsley and preserved lemon
coconut tamarind kohlrabi with dill
black rice with yams
pineapple kimchi
nigella naan

Larger Plates

Lummi Island Reef Net Sockeye with maitake mushrooms, braised fennel, and pinot noir sauce 32
Pimenton Lamb Sausage and Potato Hominy Cake  with radicchio, plum, sorrel, and basil 23
Coriander-Crusted Duck Breast  with blackberry sauce, pomegranate, and bacon radish cake 32
Wild Nettle Ravioli  with blue oyster mushrooms and sunchoke sauce 24
Eggplant Panisse (chickpea cake) with maitakes, leeks, olives, and smoked tomato vinaigrette 25

Dessert 9
Almond Sage Cake with winter fruit compote and burnt honey bourbon ice cream
Chocolate Walnut Baklava with coffee custard sauce and candied orange
Warm Ginger Porter Cake with roasted pineapple, orange mousse and honeycomb
Upside-Down Grapefruit Meringue Tart with candied fennel
Spiced Carrot Halva Tart with chai custard sauce and pumpkin seed brittle

Ice Cream 8
Chocolate Malt Sundae
Chili Peanut Ice Cream Sandwich with dulce de leche
Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream with blueberry compote
Concord Grape and Rosemary Sorbet

Sweet Thali for Two  18
One dessert choice
One ice cream choice

 nutter-butter squares
mango marshmallows
passion fruit pate de fruit




20% Service Charge
100% of these funds are retained by the house and distributed to the front and back of house in the form of commission, wages, and benefits