Papi Delicious   12
tequila, curacao, red bell pepper, jalapenos, lime, mint

The Bandit  13
mezcal, aperol, sweet vermouth, mole bitters, Laphroig wash

Cornucopia  10
white rum, amaro angostura, passion fruit, lavender, tiki bitters

Spice Girl   12
vodka, Kashimir Amaro, allspice, pomegranate, lemon

Artifizz   11
cynar, blackberry, lime, soda

Rhubarbarella   12
bourbon, honey-thyme shrub, campari

Norse Cap Hill 13
aquavit, Kummel, grappa, orgeat, lemon, olorosa sherry

Vintner’s Folly  13
rye, genepy, dry vermouth, red wine gomme. lemon

Sun Break 12
gin, genever, Strega, gentian liqueur, honey, ginger, lemon

Possibly Maybe   13
barrel aged gin, tawny port, persimmon shrub, lemon



20% Service Charge
100% of these funds are retained by the house and distributed to the front and back of house in the form of commission, wages, and benefits