Papi Delicious   12
tequila, curacao, red bell pepper, jalapenos, lime, mint

Smokin' Ace  12
mezcal, orange and lavender shrub, dry curacao

Violette Intentions  12
white rum, lime, rosemary, creme de violette

Rhubarbarella   12
bourbon, smoked rhubarb amaro, dry curacao

Sean Connery  12
rye, chili liqueur, honey ginger, lime, scotch, soda

Pink Cashmere  13
novo fogo cachaca, lemon, aperol, almond

Sesame Street   14
gin, cocci americano, lemon, strawberry, sesame oil, thyme

Michi  12
passionfruit, lavender, cava

Sorrel Smash  12
vodka, dolin blanc, chenin blanc cucumber, sorrel, lemon

St. Olaf   11
gin, lillet, lemon balm, rose



20% Service Charge
100% of these funds are retained by the house and distributed to the front and back of house in the form of commission, wages, and benefits