Papi Delicious  12

tequila, curacao, red bell pepper, jalapenos, lime, mint

Harvard Exit  13

mezcal, Lillet Blanc, falernum, grapefruit, sage

Stonewall 50  12

FOR PRIDE MONTH with tequila, elderflower, lemon verbena, cava

Broadway Bumble  12

bourbon, Campari, honey-thyme shrub

Artifizz  11
Cynar, blackberry liqueur, lime, soda

Natasha Fatale  12

vodka, cassis, rosemary, lemon, soda

Poppy G&T 12

gin, fino sherry, herb sprigs, tonic water

Sorrel Smash  12

gin, blanc vermouth, sorrel, cucumber, orange bitters, lemon, white wine

Lemonbalm Julep 12

rye, sugar, lemon balm, bitters



20% Service Charge
100% of these funds are retained by the house and distributed to the front and back of house in the form of commission, wages, and benefits